Thursday, 6 February 2014


Big Finish is up to it's old tricks again. Yippee!
The fantastic thing about Big Finish, ignoring the multiple Doctors, old companions, longer stories, cool covers, awesome music and brilliant stories is that it loves it's expanded continuity. The TV Series of Doctor Who only has one show at the moment, the main one, but some of it's core elements are Torchwood, Bannerman Road, UNIT, The Paternoster Gang, River Song and Jack Harkness.

Now as terrific as these elements of the TV Universe is, they very rarely team up or are explored in great detail, instead, doomed to guest appearances. Big Finish has a huge Spin-off/Expanded Universe:

You have Jago and Litefoot investigating supernatural occurrences in 19th Century London.
You have Vienna Salvatory as the master Assassin out in space
Romana, Leela and the K9 twins are protecting Gallifrey
Bernice Summerfield is saving space while digging for fossils out in space
UNIT and it's various officers, including Ruth Matheson and Charley Sato protect contemporary Earth
1960s Londons is save with the Counter Measures Group at the helm

All these series are their own shows and are each tremendously special, so imagine my excitement when Big Finish released an announcement today that it's planning a special 5-disc release featuring most of these guys in 1 STORY and throwing in the Sixth Doctor for an adventure. Jago and Litefoot start things off in Mind Games when they investigate a sinister stage magician - Mr Rees. 

In Part Two, we travel to the 1960s in The Reesinger Process, where the Counter Measures group led by Group Captain Gilmore take on a case involving a number of high profile public figures dying in strange circumstances.

Part Three - The Screaming Skull - is in lock-down when  Mike Yates teams up with Officers Ruth Matheson and Charlie Sato (last seen in Mastermind) before finally giving us some Doctor Who goodness in Part Four with Second Sight, featuring the Sixth Doctor teaming up with Romana II and Leela to take care of Rees once and for all!

This looks like a fantastic way to celebrate all the different spin-offs Doctor Who has produced. It might also double as the biggest crossover in history. We need something like this on the TV Series!

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