Monday, 10 February 2014


We new have names!
As some of you know, former Doctor Who producer Philip Hinchcliffe is producing ten new episodes of Doctor Who for Big Finish starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson. These episodes, that make up two stories, one six-parter and one four-parter (I know right! Longer Tom Baker stories), is scheduled for released later this year in August. Hey, isn't Peter Capaldi starting Doctor Who round the same time in Series 8...hmmm...slipped my mind.

Big Finish have released the titles for these two stories, along with their respective writers. The first story is called The Ghosts of Gralstead. A six-part adventure written by Philip with Marc Platt. The story is reportedly set in Victorian London in the year 1860.
Philip and Marc's second tale - The Devil’s Armada - is a four-parter in which the TARDIS materializes in Sissenden Village in the sixteenth century. Now I have no idea where Sissenden Village is, but it sounds like a town full of crybabies. We have Catholic priests being hunted, fake witches are being drowned and in the Vituperon has his shadows watching. Whatever that means.

Look forward to August as the Fourth Doctor AND the Twelfth Doctor do battle on their respective screens.

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