Sunday, 2 March 2014


Blink and you'll miss it

Fans of the CW series Arrow will no doubt know who Barry Allen is. Introduced mid-season and upgraded to receive his own spin-off later in 2014 as the lightning fast superhero The Flash, viewers have been awarded a little peek into what the costume for the new CW superspeeder will look like.

There's not much to see as it's only a headshot, but it looks like it's staying true to the original design in the comic books. It may just be the lighting, but the fabric looks a darker shade of red, almost brown, but still looks terrific in my book. 

Marvel may be dominating the movie franchise with their Cinematic Universe, but DC seems to be focusing on the television world instead. Arrow is doing extremely well, having been renewed for a third season earlier this year, The Flash is scheduled to premiere sometime this year and now Gotham has joined the mix. While not a CW production, it's still part of the DC universe.

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