Sunday, 2 March 2014


Alonzy or Geronimo?

Now I'm a television and audiobook fan, but the world doesn't revolve around me and there are fans out these that like their comic books. For those people - and people who might be interested, yesterday, Titan Comics announced it's taking on Doctor Who in an ongoing series. This follows right after an announcement that TC have acquired a license for the British SCI-FI show in January.

We are thrilled that CBR has provided us with an exclusive peek at the covers and solicitations of "Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor" #1 written by Nick Abadzis with artwork done by Elena Casagrande; and "Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor" #1 written by Al Ewing and Rob Williams with artwork by Simon Fraser.

In addition to these two series, BBC and Titan Comics also announced plans for comics focusing on the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. This one will have to be patiently waited for as Capaldi hasn't made his Doctor Who TV debut yet. Unless of course you can accurately profile his Doctor's personality given the 30 seconds he was seen in The Time of the Doctor.

Both issues hits comic stores on July 23, 2014.

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