Thursday, 6 March 2014


I've been waiting for this since The Dark Flame.

Even though Benny is a relatively unknown character on the TV side of things, she is a major part of the Doctor Who novels, as well as Big Finish audios where she has her own show after traveling with the Doctor. Unfortunately, Benny only has three audio adventures with the Seventh Doctor, the last one being in 2012 in the audio adaption of Love and War, Benny's first story.

That is about to change folks. Big Finish announced today that Bernice is reuniting with the Seventh Doctor and Ace for a special five disc adventure due to be released in June 2014. June! That's like just around the corner...ish. 

But that's not all! I'm starting to sound like a Glomail advertisement. Probably due to the success of adapting a novel into an audio adventure, Big Finish will release another adaption, this time The Highest Science which will feature the Seventh Doctor traveling alone with Bernice, something that hasn't been done yet, unless you count Bernice and the Criminal Code companion chronicle, which didn't even feature Sylvester McCoy. This is big news for Benny lovers such as myself. The Highest Science is scheduled for release in December later this year, so it'll be a long wait. But worth it!

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