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I'll be honest, I actually had another completely different topic in mind for this originally...

I'm not kidding! Originally, I was going to do a second Random Rant about why the production team didn't choose to give female-looking Kirito a female voice actress. The only problem with that is: Kirito still hasn't logged on to Gun Gale Online! Are you kidding me?

A lot of you reading at home are by now well aware that I don't watch Jap Dub/Eng Subs. I don't mind that other people do. Freedom to choose and enjoy. Kudos! Lots of advantages and disadvantages in both decisions. For example, I have to sit through three episodes of GGO and mute the TV because the Japanese voices irritate me. Disadvantage 2) I have to f**king READ the television show to understand it. Disadvantage 3) I have to wait 1-1.5 years for the series to be dubbed. But oddly enough those three disadvantages aren't why I'm ranting. We're up to episode three now and the protagonist still hasn't joined the fray and logged into Gun Gale Online.

"Badass in the virtual world, scared girl in the real world."

He's the main character, but he's been sidelined from the story to make room for the new co-star, an interesting in-game sniper who ironically enough suffers from hoplophobia in real life. Can't find the irony? Hoplophobia is the irrational aversion to weapons and firearms. I'm not going to get into that because as I've learned from watching the episode, there is a reason this person who is petrified of weapons is playing a game that revolves solely around weapons.

I'm here to rant about the fact that Kirito still hasn't logged on and taken on the mantle of protagonist. The first episode was fantastic, the second I kinda wondered why he still hasn't tried to jump into GGO, but after three episodes of him still being in the real world, I find myself asking the question of how long this arc is going to be given the ridiculously slow pace it's going at. The GGO plot I've heard isn't that long. Some say that this arc can be as over as quickly as 8-10 episodes. Well, not at the pace it's going right now. I've also been informed that Sword Art Online's 2nd season will be 24 episodes long which will finish on 6 December 2014. Now obviously GGO won't go the full 24 - dear god I hope not!

 "I bet he's also wondering when the hell the creators are going to allow him into GGO."

My personal hope is that after GGO, they fit in the Mother's Rosario arc where Asuna takes over for a bit and then add the Caliber arc with Sinon (the hoplophobic) joining the team. That would be a perfect 2nd season for me.

 "Rest assured that the poor dumb bastard down below deserves the bullet that's about to be capped in his ass."

But I suppose my main issue in all of this is the fact that I only watched the first three episodes in Japanese so that I could find out if the voice for female Kirito would be different than the voice he uses when in real life. It's a bit more valid now considering just how much time Kirito spends off-line this season. Chances are that if it happened for the Japanese Dub, it would most likely happen for the English Dub. I don't want to be spoiled for when I watch it in English because as per my original plan, after female Kirito was introduced, I'd stop watching and wait for the dub. Now I will have to tune in again next week for a FOURTH episode for when Kirito finally logs in and finds that his avatar is female to hear if there is a difference. I want to watch this show in English, but my anime dub OCD is acting up big time! 

There will probably be another rant about why there isn't a new voice actress, but for now, I just hope that the show's pacing speeds up. It wasn't much of an issue in the first season, so I have no idea why they'd want to fix something that obviously wasn't broken.

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