Tuesday, 8 July 2014


First off, let me say that this rant is not about judging people who have read the spoilers...

Well, you've probably heard it by now, but brief summary: Doctor Who Series 8 episode scripts 1-5 have been leaked online. Massive scandal. BBC Latin America is probably being scheduled for demonilition on Sunday in exchange for a new Burger King. The leaks are a major deal for Doctor Who fans. There are those that want to read the spoilers, there are those that demand the spoilers be hanged and shot (in that order) and then there are those that are adamant that 'true' fans don't spoil.

My opinion: I don't go by the logic that if you read the spoilers or leak them, you're not a 'true' fan. I don't know the inside scoop. I don't know if the leak happened on purpose or accidently. I actually like to believe it was an accident. What is pissing me off and what I will judge is posting the spoilers for others to see who DO NOT want to see them.

Earlier this morning, on a non-Doctor Who site, some twit posted the identity of episode one's - Deep Breath - villain. They did this on purpose. Nobody called for this. Nobody on the forum asked to know the idenity. The bastard just posted it because they knew the forum shared a few Doctor Who fans. This is different!!!!

I have no issue with people reading spoilers. It's like the Dub vs Sub argument among anime fans. I don't care if you prefer sub. If you want to read your television shows, if it gives you joy and fulfillment, then you go ahead and read every one - but don't try and shove your taste down my throat or convince me I'm wrong for preferring dubs. The same applies here. 

If you like spoilers. If you enjoy reading them - then you read them. I don't judge you. That's how you enjoy the show. If it helps you enjoy the show even more, then you SHOULD read them because everyone deserves to enjoy the show as much as possible. What is being asked is that you don't go around posting spoilers on sites or on profiles where you know people don't want to know them. That isn't you showing off your foreknowledge (mind you foreknowledge that will only last another few weeks), that is you being an absolute d**k. 

And don't give the excuse that "I didn't know they didn't want to know" or "but surely there are people here that want to be spoiled". If you must spoil someone, then ask and PM or email them. Do the right thing of giving everybody what they want: Those who want spoilers, get it and you're their hero and think you cool. Those who want to go into the episode blind - don't get caught in the crossfire. They still think relatively low of you, but it's still higher than anything else you're going to get from them anyway.

The way I see things, the fandom isn't split two ways. It's not those who avoid spoilers and those who don't, it's actually three factions: Those who enjoy Doctor Who without spoilers, those that enjoy it with spoilers and those a**holes who just don't care and post spoilers just to ruin everyone else's enjoyment of the show.

What's my preference when it comes to the whole be spoiled/not be spoiled/be a d**k attitude?

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