Wednesday, 16 July 2014


No good deed goes unnoticed...

So, last Sunday, I came across a link directing me to Doctor Who Deep Breath - leaked episode. Don't worry, I didn't watch it. Instead, I reported the link and five minutes later I turned the URL into a deadlink.

Now instead of patting myself on the shoulder for a job well done, I thought about how much fun and rewarding it would be if I spent an hour trying to track down every webpage containing the Deep Breath episode I could find, make a list of the URLs and sending them to the BBC to remove permanently. 

In a ironic kind of way, I ended up spoiling the first episode for hundreds of fans who wanted to view the episode before the official air-date by making sure they couldn't. Illegal content is still illegal content and people are turning in jackasses pretty speedily nowadays by 'speculating' and spoiling what happens in the episode for other people despite fans asking - actually it's become more like begging - not to. 

Anyway, back to the point. I ended with up 28 (YES, 28) URLs ranging from torrents to download links to online streaming and packaged them all before sending them off to the BBC. Now today when I checked my email, I came across a mail from BBC Worldwide that they sent yesterday thanking me. Wasn't expecting it, but sure made me feel good. 

Screencap of the email:

Some days, it just pays to be a Doctor Who fan. #KeepMeSpoilerFree

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