Friday, 10 January 2014


Thank you everyone for 1000 views. I really appreciate it. I really do. It's been fun and I'm looking forward to more. As ever, my dream is to reach 10 000 views (for now anyway). 

Don't worry, I won't be bugging you every 200 or 500 views. Next time I congratulate you guys will be once we hit 5000 views. Sounds rough eh? 5000? I don't think so. We can make it. Thanks for sticking with me these 1000 views and remember to promote and expand this site wherever you are on whatever social media tool you're using. If we're going to get to 10 000, then we're going to need help so pass this message along on twitter or my space or whatever! 

Cheers guys! See you in 4000 views!

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