Friday, 10 January 2014


Might have some premature bad news concerning New Who audios.

As some of you know, AudioGo is the company that produces the New Series Doctor Who audiobooks. Up until Octobr 2013, they were successful in this venture until they had a bit of a knock finanically and were placed in Administration.

Audiolovers are probably well aware that Big Finish, the audio drama production company that handles Doctors 1 through 8, don't have the license to include stuff featured in the revived series. Having Big Finish receive the license by the BBC have been one of the best dreams fans have had as that means more Ninth, tenth and Eleventh Doctor titles - full cast! Unfortunately that doesn't look like it's gonna happen any time soon.

According to reports, Random House Audio has signed an agreement with BBC Worldwide to sell and distribute the company’s audiobooks. The catalogue includes Doctor Who, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, among others. 

Hannah Telfer, Random House director, digital marketing and new product development, said: “At Random House we have long admired the BBC’s audio programme, sharing their passion for publishing the highest quality content. We’re very pleased to be working together to grow the BBC list and are committed to reaching the largest possible audience for their titles.”

Not sure if this only means distribution of current audiobooks or permission to make new ones. I've sent Nick Briggs a tweet asking if he'd be kind enough to explain the situation fully, but from what I've read above, it looks like Big Finish won't be receiving the license for New Who. I'll update you guys as I learn more.

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