Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Today's candidate is Last Order!

We're back for a new set of features while we wait for the release of the second season of A Certain Magical Index (or Index II). This time dealing with the magical side of things (and maybe a little science here and there), today we look at the always adorable Last Order.

Last Order is the 20001st Sister born out of the Level 6 Shift project, but was created to be a sort of system administrator to the Misaka Network. Released from the incubator early, Last Order looks like a 10-year old version of Mikoto. With a face that adorable and innocent, we can be sure that Misaka had all the preteens bent around her finger. Arguments? Furthermore, Last Order talks about herself in the third person, but says 'Misaka' twice which just adds to the cute factor. Unlike her Sisters though, Last order is also capable of showing emotion and generally displays a carefree and playful personality.

"We're going West!" 
"That's fine, but West is that way."

Unlike Misaka, but like all the other Sisters, Last Order's Esper power is called Radio Noise, a diminished version of Mikoto's Electromaster ability. I say diminished because the Sisters are only Level 2 or 3 and are unable to track electrons like Misaka can and unlike all her sisters, Last Order has no military or combat training at all, serving more or less the same role as Index does for Kamijou, except for Accelerator, which is kind of ironic when you think about it. She takes on the role of his younger adopted/surrogate sister which I believe serves as a great way to further develop Accelerator as a character. Usually when stonewalled for new ideas, writers simply have their pet character fall in love. Not in Raildex though, different show, different dynamic.

"Now I know who the expression 'Cute as a button' comes from"

Nevertheless, I love Last Order. You just want to reach out, give her a hug and never let go. Strictly in a platonic, non-sexual manner! The epitome of cute! I also find Brittney Karbowski's portrayal of Last Order more entertaining to watch than when she voices one of the other clones.  

I'll confess right now that one of the things I really wanted more of in the first season of Index was more Accelerator and Last Order. The two episodes they were in were perfect, but two just wasn't enough. Maybe they could've dropped the whole Deep Blood Arc and crammed in more of this pair. The Cute One and the Dry One. Knowing that both these characters will have more prominent roles in the next season raises my excitement exponentially!

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