Friday, 5 September 2014


Today's candidate is Agnese Sanctis!

We're back for a new set of features while we wait for the release of the second season of A Certain Magical Index (or Index II). Today we're dealing with one of main antagonists that will be coming after Touma and Index in the new season.

Primary Weapon: Lotus Wand

During her childhood in Italy, her parents were killed and Sanctis became not only an orphan, but a street urchin. I don't know why since a lot of stories use the 'parents killed at a young age' backstory, but it still hits me every time I see one. Am I a softie or a sucker?

She was later taken in by the Roman Catholic Church where she was trained as a 'battle' nun and later appointed as the head of a paramilitary force called the Agnese Forces. Due to a past that was less than enjoyable, Sanctis took 'finding religion' to a ridiculous level. Absolute faith and devotion to her religion bordering almost on fascism. Her ruthlessness is inversely proportionate to her innocent appearance.

"All battle nuns are wearing shoes the height of stilts to abuse their underlings this season."

Although she is part of the Magical Side of Academy City, Sanctis isn't a magician per se. Although her weapon of choice - the Lotus Wand - seems to possess otherworldly powers that can be activated by chanting, so I guess that qualifies as magic. Specifically, the wand allows the weapon holder to launch attacks in the material world based on what happens to the wand. If the explanation went over your head, just imagine a voodoo doll. Whatever happens to it, happens to the material universe (specifically the area where the fight is taking place).

Agnese Sanctis will be part of the Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc starting with episode 2.

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