Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Today's candidate is Kuroko Shirai!

What's really cool about Raildex is that nearly the whole damn cast has powers that would beat the crap out of a lot of Marvel or DC groups. I'm serious! It's like everybody who is anybody won their powers in some kind of supernatural lottery. Super strength and speed is old and cliched, but still provides for some awesome fight scenes, but the writers of Raildex clearly wanted to turn all their characters into broken badasses without sacrificing their stories! Here's part one of a series of features focusing on some of the characters and their unique Esper abilities.

Esper power: Teleportation

Kuroko Shirai usually provides the comic relief in Raildex with her psycho schoolgirl lesbian crush on Mikoto Misaka, but she can be ridiculously scary and powerful when she needs to be. Although not a Level-5 Esper, she is close second with her Level-4 status.

Like all Espers, Kuroko's power comes from the thin AIM field she creates around herself. Kuroko's power as she describes allows her to displace matter from one place to another instantaneously. When used in fiction, teleportation for some reason doesn't get the respect it deserves. It's usually used to get from point A to B. Movies like the X-Men have done teleporters justice by showing how powerful this ability is. Kuroko also manages to make it look extremely cool when she uses it.

Being one of only 58 teleporters in Academy City, Kuroko is one of only 19 people who can telelport multiple objects at once, though she does have a limiter on her power making her unable to teleport anything heavier than 130.7 kilograms or to a distance further than 81.5 meters from where she is currently standing. She also has to touch objects to move them, but even with these restrictions, that still leaves plenty of damage to do.

Kuroko's main strategy in combat is reaching under her skirt and taking out a set of pins on a belt tied to both her legs. She uses these pins to teleport them directing into her opponent's clothes to restrain them or directly into their limbs if they really piss her off. Yip! Before the fight even starts, Kuroko has the advantage and no one has even taken one step forward yet. Considering how easy it is for Kuroko to subdue criminals by just remote stabbing them in both kneecaps before they actually do anything, it's no wonder why her power is only held by 57 other people plus she's Level-4.

She is also quite skilled in combat, making her a suitable candidate to use teleportation combat which is what heroes like Nightcrawler use when they're not poofing from place to place. However, if we draw a comparison, Nightcrawler can only teleport himself while Kuroko can teleport other objects as well. Just putting that out there.

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