Monday, 9 June 2014


What's in store for us...

The new season of A Certain Scientific Railgun will feature two story arcs across 24 episodes. The first and main one will be the Sisters Arc, which coincides with the first season of A Certain Magical Index after Kamijou meets Mikoto again for the first time since losing his memories. This arc in Railgun S explains the lead-up to those events as experienced by the third ranked Level-5 Misaka Mikoto when she discovers that the DNA she gave as a child has been used to mass produce thousands of 'Sisters' - Misaka Clones - used in an experiment called Level-6 Shift. The experiment is designed to help the highest-ranking Level-5 Esper become the first Level-6 by killing the Sisters systematically in one-on-one fights. 

The arc will not only focus on Misaka, but also on various individuals and factions involved in the experiment such as ITEM, a mercenary group sent to stop Misaka from interfering with with Level-6 Shift. ITEM possesses a Level-5 Esper of their own - Mugino Shizuri, ranked fourth among the Level-5 Espers - as well as two powerful Level-4s. Meeting Misaka at the gates of hell is Accelerator, the highest ranked Level-5 Esper in Academy City who has the power to manipulate any vector he comes into contact with, including Misaka's electromagnetic abilities.

The second storyline will focus on the Silent Party Arc which deals with Misaka and her friends struggling against STUDY and the conspiracy that surrounds a mysterious girl they have met named Febrie.While looking like a medical technology organization on the surface, STUDY is involved in the shady business of the dark side of Academy City, instigating unethical experiments with artificial humans.

I will be starting a new series leading up to A Certain Scientific Railgun S looking at the science behind the Esper powers seen in Railgun so look out for that and stay tuned!

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