Friday, 20 June 2014


Today's candidate is Takitsubo Rikou!

What's really cool about Raildex is that nearly the whole damn cast has powers that would beat the shit out of a lot of Marvel or DC groups. I'm serious! It's like everybody who is anybody won their powers in some kind of supernatural lottery. Super strength and speed is old and cliched, but still provides for some awesome fight scenes, but the writers of Raildex clearly wanted to turn all their characters into freaking badasses! Here's another part in a series of features focusing on some of the characters and their unique Esper abilities.
Esper power: AIM Stalker

She is a member of ITEM, a mercenary group in the dark side of Academy City that Misaka encounters. Due to AIM Stalker, Rikou is a vital member of ITEM and a dangerous enemy to have breathing.

Like all Espers, Rikou's power comes from the thin AIM field she creates around herself. Having Rikou as an opponent is like having someone know you're exact location without fail. AIM Stalker records the AIM Fields Espers use to control their powers and then knows where they are and track them down. Since AIM Fields cannot be switched off, there is literally no hiding from Rikou and the members of her team. AIM Stalker also allows Rikou to accurately gauge the distance and direction of the target. This means she knows  where and what a safe distance is to attack an opponent from.

Although AIM Stalker isn't a dangerous ability itself, coupled with the fact that people need to eat and sleep, Rikou just needs to point others in the right direction while sitting back and waiting for her enemies to be killed. According to her, her power is so strong and accurate that she can track someone even if they leave the freaking solar system. A living GPS ladies and gentlemen.

Physically, she isn't powerful and in a one-on-one fight, Rikou would most likely lose to anyone stronger than herself. I'm sure even a Level-1 could take her down. Unfortunately ITEM works as a team and there are other ways to defeat someone other than beating them in a fist fight.

 Knowing the location of your target at all times is a tremendous advantage considering it's more or less the same as seeing through walls. Put a gun or any other projectile weapon in Rikou's hands and it's more or less game over.

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