Tuesday, 26 August 2014


We're not even two episodes in and we already have people complaining!

As a writer, one of my dreams is to write for Doctor Who. It's not likely to materialize, but that's it. One of my nightmares includes me being selected to take over as showrunner for Doctor Who. Having to deal with all the constant bi-polar, split-up fandom and their constant f**king whining would drive me to suicide. I do not envy Steven Moffat in the slightest. I do applaud him for listening to the fans.

So why the hell are they now against him yet again? For months there have been countless articles/opinions and so much begging for Doctor Who to 'grow up' and become 'darker'. Cue Deep Breath and we get the ambiguous scene/question of 'did Half-Face Man jump to his death or was he pushed by the new Doctor?'

For some reason, the idea of a new Doctor being so alien that he resorts to murder is somehow TOO dark for the people who kept slamming Matt Smith's Doctor for being too childish and silly. What the hell did you expect? The new Doctor is rude - callous! He's like the PG-version of Malcolm Tucker. That is what you all wanted right. I should know, I read some of the forum comments. You guys were hoping for that. You wanted a 'tough as nails' Doctor and here he is. Just because he took your fantasies and criticisms to the next level, you chicken out? Pathetic! Steven Moffat heard your pleas and put his own spin on things and that's just something you'll have to live with until this Doctor 'mellows' out which I hope doesn't happen. I want those fans who ask and then go back on their word to have to carry this cross on their backs for the entirety of Peter Capaldi's run. Next time though: Make your requests for new themes more detailed. 'Be more dark' includes murder if you didn't know.

A second thing that's got fans up and arms is the lesbian kiss between Vasta and Jenny. Why? Why is this such a big deal? I mean homosexuality in Doctor Who isn't exactly new. Nor is it to television in general. It's not the 90s anymore. Jack Harkness kissed the Ninth Doctor and you didn't complain. The Eleventh Doctor kissed Rory (twice) and you didn't say anything. Is it because you wanted a 12/Vasta kiss? Maybe a 12/Jenny or a 12/Strax snog? Somehow just because two females kissed, Moffat is sexualizing Doctor Who - playing to the lesbian make-out fantasies of the male audience? Perhaps that is a part of it. I will not deny that as a heterosexual male I enjoyed the kiss. Is it the whole reason - no! Is it all I saw when I watched it - no! Is Steven Moffat so evil that writing a scene for all the 'closet' homosexual fans at home and showing them that at least Doctor Who understands them and supports them is beyond him? 

If your answer is 'yes', then you should stop watching Doctor Who. You've clearly made up your mind and nothing short of Steven's resignation is going to please you. You're too far gone. Every time you watch the show, you're bound to only see the 'mistakes'. My sympathies. I can understand having one or two elements that you're uncomfortable with, but all of it? Nope. Perhaps you don't fall within the show's demographic anymore. Think of it this way: Time has flowed by!

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