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Nitro+'s poster girl gets her own show

From what I gather of various gossips cluttering the web, this show is quite controversial. Some believe it doesn’t deserve an English dub while others are split over choosing a professional cosplayer to voice the lead. My thoughts?

Well, I feel I should address the lesser evil here…or the lesser evil in my opinion. Actually, not even an evil at all. The decision to have Jessica Nigri voice Super Sonico is something that has outraged a lot of fans of the series. Having seen the first episode, I think they’re more upset at the idea, than the actual practice. I didn’t find anything particularly wrong with Jessica’s performance. In fact, I loved it. Seems like quite a capable VA. She does the role justice which is saying something since the character itself is something of an odd mix match of anime traits thrown together. Some of it feels out of place, but that feels like the character rather than the voice behind it. Besides, Jessica has such a lovely voice. Would love to hear more from her in the future. 

"I'm in a hurry to get to the rest of the episode."

 As for the episode itself, I understand why some fans wondered ‘why even bother dubbing it’. It’s a Slice of Life story which isn’t the most popular of anime genres, but there are a good few that deserve to be called the best of this particular genre. But despite the fact that I really wanted to hear what Jessica did with Sonico, not to mention that MONICA RIAL and LUCI CHRISTIAN are both attached to this project, the first episode felt kinda boring. In fact, I even considered switching it off mid-episode.

The first episode focuses almost entirely on ‘A Day in The Life of Sonico’ and really takes it up to eleven. She is introduced as a scatterbrained student who is always late but still manages to rake in the ‘A’s, a model who is shy, but determined to please regardless if the outfit the modeling company wants her to wear is too revealing and a loving granddaughter who helps out at her grandmother’s restaurant where she is loved by everyone. Oh and did I mention that she is the lead guitarist of a three-girl band? Yup, this girl has what I consider the ‘perfect life’.

I think that’s kinda why it came across as boring to me. It’s not bad, but apart from a few funny fanservicey scenes, there doesn’t seem to be anything other than ‘everybody loves Sonico’ who herself is too modest to own up to how cool she is.

 "I'm Sue, but one of the cute cool ones."

Sonico is practically the poster girl for Mary Sues. In fact, to anyone who doesn’t know what a Mary Sue actually is (the term is abused a lot these days), watch Super Sonico. If you’re still in the dark afterwards, you’re probably never going to get it. From the impossibly cool clothes and the weird headphone accessories to the boobs that put most busty anime chicks to shame and the legs that go on for miles, Sonico is close to being a God-Mode Sue.

However, Sonico doesn’t come across as unlikable like most Mary Sues. She is the pin-up girl for Nitro+ so I get they couldn’t give her any flaws (being tardy and a ditz is not a flaw if you don’t get any backlash for it). This does make her seem like the center of everyone’s universe which is a bit much.

"Like this picture, Sonico's boobs have been set to extra large."

For me personally, Super Sonico is a rather forgettable ecchi anime (you know how negative I am about those) with a super perfect moe female lead. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly nothing new or good, unless you like watching everyone stare, gawp and grope at Sonico’s boobs that look like they might pop out of her bra at any moment. I’m not one of those people. 

First Impression: 5/10. Apart from a super sexy female lead, not much else stands out about this series.

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