Saturday, 4 April 2015


Taking crazy chicks to a whole other level! 

The first two episodes of FUNimation's D-Frag were released ahead of the rest of the episodes as per the norm and boy was it funny. I mean seriously, I don't think I've laughed this hard since The Devil is a Part-Timer last year. This is a really funny show guys. While not part of the Broadcast Dub, it's still definitely one of my favorites this year. 

"Yes, yes she is."
The story focuses on a semi-connected series of sketches as delinquent student Kenji Kazama (voiced spectacularly by Austin Tindle) is forced into joining his school's struggling "Game Creation Club" by its members, a quartet of crazy (we mean really freaking insane) women with their own eccentricities that drive him crazy (understatement). As he attempts to distance himself from the club, the more he seems to run into not only his fellow club members, but others from his school who drive him insane to different degrees.

Austin Tindle and Monica Rial seem to be fronting the year so far as they are in EVERYTHING which is nice as I love both of them. While I'm not a big fan of Tokyo Ghoul or Yona of the Dawn, I love how comically straight Tindle pays Kazama. His reactions are so freaking hilarious to watch, it should be a crime.

"Earth! Water! Electricity! Moe! By your powers combined, he is royally screwed!"
The rest of the cast include Roka Shibasaki (voiced by Bryn Apprill), Chitose Karasuyama (voiced by Whitney Rodgers), Sakura Mizukami (voiced by Megan Shipman) and Minami Ōsawa (voiced by Caitlin Glass). Now asking me to choose which one of these ladies is the crazier member of the club is like asking me which would hurt more: Having my hand bitten off by a lion or a crocodile? 

In truth, this series seems to be a competition amongst the whole cast (except Kazama) over which character is the more insane one. The girls are each 'mages' wielding elemental magic, but really they just use stun guns (for electricity) or water bottles (for water elemental) and the way they maintain it's magic is too funny for words.

"You can practically smell the crazy on these chicks."

Now what's really great about this show is that while it's one guy surrounded by half a dozen girls, it's NOT A HAREM! Thank you so much for that anime gods. Thank you for making this series a comedy and sticking to that. It's refreshing seeing a deviation from the usual formula. It's also grating because normal harems stay for one season without tying anything up while a comedy such as this has no such worries. It really is a nice change of pace.

I highly recommend you guys check out this show. It's funny as hell and listening to the dub really paints a clear picture that the voice actors in this had a great time recording it.

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