Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Hey guys!

Just wanted to share the good news. My novel "Deathday Clock" is finally available on Amazon for $6.83. This Murder Mystery/Time Travel adventure revolves around Sebastian Strange who invents the Deathday Clock, an instrument which can predict his exact time of death. This is awesome as someone is stalking him in not just three, BUT four dimensions.

Official synopsis reads:

"Fifty years ago, the Pride murders began. Men, women and children were brutally massacred in their homes and in the streets. 

Twenty years ago, Sebastian Strange is born, signalling an end to the killings. 

Five years ago, having survived numerous attempts on his life; Sebastian develops the Deathday Clock: An instrument capable of predicting his exact time of death.
Now, Sebastian finds himself attacked by friend and foe alike. Matters turn dire when the Deathday Clock keeps defaulting to the same ninety day period. Sebastian only has three months to discover how and why this is happening or risk a final, permanent end."


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