Sunday, 20 April 2014


FUNimation has just released the trailer for A Certain Scientific Railgun S 

Something sinister is growing in Academy City. The shadows are filled with whispers of a project to clone one of the super-powered students known as 'Espers'. High-ranking master of electricity Mikoto Misaka laughs off these stories until she comes face to face with a copy of herself. The duplicates are real, and are being mass-produced from Misaka's DNA, making each one of them a little piece of her.

These clones—her sisters—are being systematically murdered in a series of experiments designed to turn a sadistic killer into the strongest Esper in history - Accelerator! Misaka vows to save her copies and destroy the project, but this might be one fight she can't win alone. High-energy battles and intense action explode in this continuation of the Railgun series from the creator of A Certain Magical Index.


Catch up on Mikoto's introduction to the fans in this clip here:

Just in case it comes off as a fancy 'anime' superpower, here's how the 'Railgun' attack works:

Mikoto' Railgun fires metal objects (the coin) at three times the speed of sound by forming parallel currents on both sides of her arm with her electricity. Her Railgun has a muzzle velocity of 1030 m/s (2307.2 mph), and can be fired at a rate of 8 shots per minute. She primarily uses arcade coins as her projectiles for portability, limiting her normal range to 50 meters. Though that attack's range was way more than 50 meter. 

The second season - A Certain Scientific Railgun S - is scheduled for DVD release on 1 July 2014.

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