Monday, 15 February 2016


This year’s Broadcast Dub features no less than 6 shows that I’m planning to follow religiously. Yes, for someone as picky about their anime as I am, I was pleasantly surprised at not just the differing content this season, but also the voice choices.

Of the new shows debuting on FUNImation this season, Dagashi Kashi was my first and even after finishing all the other episode 1s, it still remains one of the weirdest anime I’ve ever watched. It’s about a really ditzy, but comical girl called Hotaru Shidare who visits a sweet shop out in the boonies and makes it her mission to convince the store’s owner to join up with her father’s sweets company. The problem is the store’s owner wants to hand over the business to his son Kokonotsu Shikada, but the youngster is only interested in becoming a manga artist.

The show’s plot?

Well if Hotaru can convince Kokonotsu Shikada to take over the shop, his father agrees to Hotaru’s proposal. And so begins the hilarious hijinks of a strange purple-haired maiden who usually misses the point comical and is completely unaware of social norms.

As I mentioned, the show is quite strange. While it is incredibly funny, some of the Japanese sweet terms and customs exhibited in this show confused me as I’m not really clued up on them. This aspect I feel is the episode’s most damaging, especially to viewers who aren’t die-hard Okatus. My advice to you guys, just nod and go with it. The scene doesn’t dominate the episode. 

"Maybe I should dye my hair lighter and move to a different show."
And is it just me, or does Hotaru bear an almost plagiarist-worthy resemblance to Nene Odagiri from Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. I mean take a look, if not for that perverted/obsessed expression Hotaru chooses to call her default look, anyone would be forgiven for thinking Odagiri left one show, developed a candy obsession and joined the cast of this one.

"Look closer. My hair's lighter an I have this axe-crazy look in my eye."

Not that this is a problem, but I did wonder whilst following the promotional previews and news prior to the first episode’s airing.

Can I just say that it sounds awesome hearing Todd Haberkorn in a FUNImation Broadcast Dub? I don’t mean as a supporting or side character, but as the freaking MC! Such a joy. I’d like to say his name alone was enough to hook me, but I’ve been interested in seeing Dagashi Kashi for a while now. BUT! If I wasn’t and I heard Mr. Haberkorn was going to voice the MC, I could claim the above.

Hotaru is voiced by Tabitha Ray. Other than being Lucy’s doll Michelle in Fairy Tail, I can’t remember hearing her in anything else. I believe Hotaru is her first main character role and she is simply fantastic as the crazy purple head. Her voice fits and she has Hotaru’s wacky, ditty personality down to a ‘T’. As much as I like hearing my favorite VAs all the time (a complaint some fans have), I love the idea of giving someone with not as much experience a chance to shine and that’s what Tabitha does here, imbuing new life in this character and hopefully this dub opens up a lot of doors for her in the future. She really stole the show.

"What do you mean I spilled some of it?"
The supporting cast fail to leave a good impression, but this is mostly down to Hotaru highlighting every scene she’s in. Sara Ragsdale voices Saya Endo, the co-owner of a coffee shop which Kokonotsu visits frequently. She harbors a crush on him which true to anime cliches, Kokonotsu fails to see. As much as I adore Hotaru, I’ve decided to ship Kokonotsu/Saya which even feels like it could happen as Hotaru only seems to love sweets.

Justin Pale voices Saya’s brother To Endo who also serves as Kokonotsu Shikada’s best friend. Jeremy Innman rounds off the cast so far as Yo Shikada, Kokonotsu’s father.

First impressions: 8/10. This show is going to be good for my sweet tooth and bad for my waistline.

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