Thursday, 29 October 2015


After getting a sneak peek in The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure, I will admit that was really looking forward to Constance Clarke. While she didn’t do much in The End of the Line, I still felt her presence and perseverance so I really wanted to know what makes Constance Clarke tick.

Criss-Cross is a very strange beast (in a good way) in that it features an interesting pre-credit scene which does a smashing job of setting up questions in the listeners’ heads while at the same time creating the setting and tone of the story we’re about to dive into.

It’s refreshing, not to mention unusual to see the Doctor in this particular environment, dressing appropriately, blending in, and helping to win World War II. It seems very contradictory to his usual “stay out of here” approach, especially when it comes to this particular war. And yet the explanation given makes sense. The Doctor’s interactions with Constance are magical. It’s an interesting dynamic and I just love how easily the two click. 

I love how we’re not getting another pointlessly sassy, flirty, spunky companion. Constance introduces herself to the Doctor by berating him for working her poor girls to the bone. She has a point and she manages to be stern and professional about it all which is so welcomed. If you must show how independent and feminist a companion is by having a shouting match with the Doctor (for whatever dumb reason), take a page from Constance Clarke and Old Sixie. Both can discuss these matters and explain and treat the situation as grownups. You don’t hear some pointless “I’ll slap you so hard you’ll regenerate” nonsense. That’s just f***ing childish.

Boy o boy does this story have plot twists galore. You’ll head will spin. Your face will also hurt seeing as how the story effortlessly walks into them. It’s great fun. A real WW2 spy thriller, with a little SCI-FI Doctor Who magic added to the pot. Makes for a delicious four episode meal that’ll leave you wanting more.

The monsters are rather forgettable (I don’t remember their name and can’t even be bothered to look it up) and some of the guest cast don’t leave much of an impression, but thankfully the other half do. If I had to pick something negative to say about this story, it would be that. It’s not so bad at least. While they are forgettable (and another knock-off monster), the aliens in this piece do have some interesting powers.

After listening to this story three times (in one bloody week), I can honestly say that I can’t wait for more Constance Clarke. Big Finish is on the right track with this young lady and I’m thoroughly interested in seeing her story unfold.

Rating this story: 9/10.A great start to a great companion

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