Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Not only does it have a very ominous and spooky title, but this story accomplishes what it sets out to do and does is in proper cadaverous fashion. A massive high jump compared to the last story this season.

Like The Crooked Man last season, I had a feeling that The Darkness of Glass might be season 4’s highlight story and so far it feels like it. We have scary environments, odd residents, a deep unusual mystery and people are dropping dead left, right and center. Sounds just up Doctor Who’s alley.

The concept behind this story I must admit strikes me as a stroke of genius. It is a perfect fit for the usual strangeness Doctor Who chooses to entertain us so magic glass is just par for the course. Throw in a couple of anachronistic Internet jokes and you’re all set.

Unlike normal macabre murder mysteries, The Darkness of Glass actually moves at a rather brisk pace which only heightens the sense of urgency the characters face. I mentioned this before, but the ‘mystery’ the Doctor and Leela are charged with solving is rather peculiar which dumbfounds the Doctor, something that is so welcoming given Four’s usual confident demeanor. 

I have really enjoyed how much Leela’s has gotten to do this season. Big Finish are really highlighting her core traits which is her lack of education and her prowess as a hunter. Her development has been phenomenal. She is a battle-axe and while learning, Big Finish never lets go of that ‘kill first’ quirk she has going for her. There is always a danger of the ‘educating Leela’ storyline becoming stale, but I’m not feeling that here. Not one iota.

Unfortunately, K9 has been less fortunate this season, being sidelined or underused and this story is no different. I do wonder what the point was including the robot pup if nobody’s going to use him properly. Here’s hoping for more from the lovable metal mutt in the next story.

Rating this story: 8/10. Everything you want from a story involving magic lanterns and spooky mansions.

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