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We're taking a trip back into E-Space, but is there something new in this sequel trilogy?

In a word: Not really. OK fine. That was two words, but the point still stands. Now you guys who tune in to this site to read these reviews and my thoughts will know that I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to Doctor Who. I love Big this point more than the actual TV Series, but that's down to Clara and I'm not going to go on about that. You want to know what Mistfall is about and more importantly: Is it worth your valuable time and money?

The short and the long is this: The TARDIS is dragged through another CVE and plots the TARDIS team on Alzarius (Adric's home world) where they encounter the Marshmen. Yes, I know. This sounds almost exactly like Full Circle

Now Big Finish isn't a newcomer to giving us sequels to famous storylines from the TV Series. We've had the Key2Time trilogy (also featuring the Fifth Doctor), Magnus Greel (again featuring the Fifth Doctor)...I'm sensing a pattern here. It seems Peter Davison is being given all the Fourth Doctor sequel stories. Anyway, let me tell you about Mistfall in detail:


 I don't know. No, I don't mean that flippantly. I seriously don't know what to tell you. I've already forgotten most of the plot. Which tells us one of two things: 1) I didn't pay much attention to the story or 2) the plot is pretty forgettable. Since this is Doctor Who, I'm inclined to go with the latter. The plot feels like a bag of recycled good, only we get a couple more Adric and Full Circle references to make us feel like we're back in 1980.

This story, at least in my opinion, would've carried a lot more emotional value if Adric was actually in this story. I understand how contradicting that would be and how difficult it would be to explain it to canon, but I just don't see the point of coming back to E-Space without Adric. I tremendously enjoyed the Tom Baker trilogy, but I feel that if this trilogy doesn't find more exciting things to do with E-Space, the whole thing will bomb. And this is a shame as the next Fifth Doctor series isn't scheduled until January 2016 (excluding The Secret History).

I seriously can't seem to remember any part of the story that I enjoyed. What I do remember about Mistfall is that it had one of the most boring first episodes ever. I'm ranking it up there with Dreamtime and The Lurkers of Sunlight's Edge.I mean it's basically a recycled Full Circle. TARDIS is interrupted in flight, everyone is surprised, Gallifrey co-ordinates are pointed out, check the monitor - boom Gallifrey - but not really. I mean wouldn't the TARDIS recognize Alzarius? Why continue to show Gallifrey on the monitor. It's sad. It really is. I'm curious to read what you guys thought of the title. Did you enjoy it? If you haven't listened to it yet, are you planning to?

Rating this story: 3.5/10. A forgettable rehash of an unforgettable storyline .

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