Friday, 2 January 2015


Hey guys, just a little post from me informing you lot HOW MUCH I'M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!

Seriously, I was browsing through my Doctor Who Story Index. It's mainly just an excel file listing every episode and audio story (even the ones you don't know exist) since Doctor Who's inception. From companion chronicles to lost stories, from Doctor One through Twelve - they are all there!

Now the issue is that when I sorted the list to see how many Big Finish goodies I have left to listen to, this happened...

The Game
Castle of Fear
The Roof of the World
The Council of Nicaea
The Mind's Eye 

Urgent Calls
The Marian Conspiracy
Arrangements for War
Medicinal Purposes
Assassins in the Limelight
The Crimes of Thomas Brewster
Industrial Evolution

The Settling
No Man's Land

Immortal Beloved
The Eight Truths
Worldwide Web
The Book of Kells
The Resurrection of Mars

...not getting it?

Well, these are all the titles I have YET to listen to. The only ones not saved to my hard drive. Yip! I only have 25 audio adventures left before I'm done. My collection is complete, save for the new stuff that releases month to month which I get anyway, but these 25 are the last of the last. All the monthly titles, the box sets, the Lost Stories, the I, Davros, Benny, Jago & Litefoots - all of them! After these 25 I'm going to be stuck in the same DW boat as everyone else...waiting for the TV Series to start back up. We all know how long that wait is. Understand why I'm freaking out. Understand...and pity.

Pity me guys.

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